When you’ve got a termite outbreak on your hands, you need termite control options fast. Stop termites from causing further damage your home or business and leaving you with expensive repair bills.

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With many termite treatments available these days, we choose to use only the most modern and safe treatments. Our experienced and licensed technicians have years of experience in termite control Toowoomba. Whether the outbreak is in your home or business, Jim’s is ready to help.

Termite Inspections

Damage caused by termites

Although they are very small, termites are able to cause significant destruction to buildings within 3-8 years.

As termites are attracted to cellulose fibres in timber, your walls, support structures, ceilings and floors can start showing cracks, blisters, warping and even sagging. This can affect your electricity supply so pay attention to an increase in power interruptions.

Termite treatment Toowoomba

Once the outbreak has been confirmed following a termite inspection, we’ll also propose a treatment plan in your inspection report to get rid of termites for good. This includes two main stages:

Remedial treatment stage

Removing the termites as soon as possible is our first priority. We use termite baits, termiticide dusts and apply pesticide barriers in the soil and underneath the foundations of the building.

Preventative control stage

After the termites have been removed, we’ll shift our focus to installing physical and chemical barriers to stop the termites from returning. We may apply the following methods to deter the termites:

  • Applying metal or crushed rock around your property that termites are unable to chew through
  • Applying in-soil or in-plastic termiticide barriers in areas that are frequented by termites
Termite Control & Treatment Toowoomba

Cost of termite treatment

Prices range from $250-$3500, depending on the size of your home, the treatment products used and the location and severity of the outbreak.

Termite proof your home with Australia’s leading termiticides

Here are our recommended products for termite treatment Toowoomba:

Liquid chemical barriers

These highly effective, long term residual termite treatments contain fipronil as the active ingredient, which disrupts termite nervous systems and enabling the fast elimination of termites.

Usually found in a liquid form, they can be applied carefully to a treatment zone around the perimeter and foundations of your home in the direct path of termite activity, then transferred between termites.


An updated version of Termidor, known as Termidor HE (High Efficiency) provides an even more penetrable treatment that requires less drilling and disturbing the structure and aesthetics of your home.

Termidor Assurance Warranty covers you for up to $2 million in structural damage, so you can have peace of mind that you’re being protected with a high quality product.


Guaranteed to safeguard your home for eight years or more from a termite attack, Ultrathor has proven to be very effective.

With the Ultrasure $100,000 Termite Performance Warranty, you and your family will have the confidence that Ultrathor can provide long-lasting termite protection.

Sentricon Always Active

Designed to provide continuous, non-stop termite protection, Sentricon Always Active is a unique and innovative termite elimination system which exploits the natural behaviour and biology of termites to transfer termiticide into an entire termite colony.

Sentricon rods are stationed in areas of high termite activity so that termites can pass through and absorb the poison.


An eco-friendly liquid termiticide that is highly effective in low doses, Altriset uses an active ingredient from the bark of Ryania speciosa, a South American plant. It causes paralysis in termite jaws within hours of exposure.

Because Altriset is sprayed around the entire perimeter of your foundation, it is impossible for termites to avoid it as they approach your home.

Being highly transmissible between termites, you can expect Altriset to control a termite outbreak in as little as three months.

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To keep you and your family safe, and minimise disruption and repair expenses to your home, it’s important to seek professional termite elimination as soon as possible.

For licensed, highly trained and experienced control of termites Toowoomba, the team at Jim’s Pest Control is fully equipped with modern termite treatments to keep the termites away permanently.

All out services come with Jim’s Customer Guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, we’ll come back to fix it at no extra charge.


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