If your home or business is getting overrun by an outbreak of pest birds such as pigeons, then you need expert bird control, fast.

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Why pest bird control & removal is important

Homes and businesses alike are all vulnerable to pest bird outbreaks. If proper preventative measures aren’t taken, you could experience:

Anti-social behaviour

Pigeons are noisy, and being territorial creatures can behave aggressively to defend their young.

Infectious parasites

Pigeons can carry a wide range of parasites in their feathers, including bird mites and bed bugs, which then spread inside.

Building damage

Bird droppings are not only messy, but their high uric acid content can cause problems to buildings, including paint discolouration, rust and corrosion.

The spread of disease

To make matters worse, droppings can contain a wide range of nasty fungi, bacteria and viruses, and spread serious disease such as salmonella, e. coli poisoning and avian influenza. These conditions can leave you feeling very ill with gastroenteritis and flu-like symptoms.

Disrupted business operations

For some business owners, particularly hospitality and food manufacturing facilities, pest bird droppings pose even more of a threat. They can do more than simply contaminate food, , equipment and stock; bird droppings on footpaths and walkways are a slipping hazard, which can pose a substantial health and safety risk.

Bird Proofing Toowoomba

Cost of bird and pigeon pest control

Our services range from $300-$1000, depending on the severity of the outbreak and the amount of bird proofing required. Contact Jim’s Pest Control Toowoomba on 131 546 to arrange a more accurate free quote.

Our bird removal services

We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to advise you on the best and most cost effective treatment options for your particular situation.

Physical bird deterrents

Bird proofing netting: made from UV stabilised knotted polythene, our netting comes in different sizes and can be hung anywhere. It is a fast, effective, long lasting and humane solution specifically designed so that birds do not get caught or tangled in it.

Spikes: our sturdy, UV-coated spikes offer long term protection from pest birds roosting on your roof by making the surface uneven.

Electric shock systems: a track system that delivers a very mild electric shock can be installed on your roof to deter birds.

Solar panel proofing: protect your solar panels from birds nesting and perching with sturdy wire mesh. This saves you from constantly needing to clean them, allows your panels to work efficiently.

Sonic and ultrasonic bird devices: uncomfortable high pitched sounds that only birds can detect are delivered through these devices.

Bird shooting and applying poison traps

We will only consider these options as a last resort if a pest bird outbreak is severe, or causing high risk health and safety breaches and unable to be eradicated by any other means.

Cleaning the affected area

Given that birds and pigeons are highly territorial creatures, we’ll take measures to stop the birds from returning to your roof. Our technicians will clear away debris and carry out careful bird nest removal, and then use strong disinfectants to clear away all traces of scent markings.

Tips on bird deterrents and pigeon prevention

Remove all sources of available food and water

Regularly clean droppings off your building and footpaths

Maintain your roof and solar panels

Regularly inspect and block all potential entry points

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For reliable bird removal from your roof, Jim’s can help

Pest birds and pigeons can be a noisy, messy health hazard so our expert technicians at Jim’s Pest Control Toowoomba have humane solutions to help you control the problem as quickly as possible.

Our highly trained, licensed and fully insured pest control technicians are experienced to provide tailored bird removal treatment plans for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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