With solar panel installations becoming increasingly popular, so are the calls that we’ve been receiving at Jim’s Pest Control Toowoomba complaining about damage from pest birds and pigeons. The good news is that our local, expert  solar panel bird proofing services can help.

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Offering protection and warmth, solar panels provide an excellent sheltering and nesting spot.

Unfortunately this can lead to large range of problems, including damage to your roof and solar panels with messy and corrosive droppings, and spreading germs and parasites such as bird mites.

Solar panel bird proofing with Jim’s

At Jim’s Pest Control Toowoomba, we use premium products that are long-lasting, and always take extra care to treat the birds and pigeons as humanely as possible. Here’s what you can expect when our technicians are carrying out solar panel bird protection:

Clearing the site

We’ll remove all pigeons and pest birds nesting underneath the panels, usually by using fast-acting poison, or safe and responsible shooting with minimal disturbance.


The solar panels and the space underneath them are cleaned thoroughly using a strong disinfectant.

Installing the bird mesh/pigeon netting for solar panels

We install mesh around the sides of your solar panels. We use a hard-wearing mesh consisting of galvanised wire coated with UV stabilised PVC that lasts for a long time even in the harsh Australian climate.

Benefits of professional pigeon proofing solar panels

We’re highly trained to eliminate pest birds safely and effectively

Pest birds are territorial creatures that will continue to return to your roof unless you take proper measures to deter them from returning. As professional pest technicians, we have access to high grade, fast acting avicides that remove the birds painlessly. If necessary, we are also licensed to shoot pigeons, which is carried out as discreetly as possible with minimal public disruption.

Protects your panels from other pests

Besides deterring pest birds, other pests such as rodents and possums will be unable to access your solar panels. You’ll experience lasting protection from highly corrosive droppings which damage your solar panels and roof

Keeps your solar panels working efficiently with less cleaning and maintenance

Being free of pest birds means that you don’t have to constantly clean the mess that they leave behind and check for damage.

We use high quality mesh

Most hardware store mesh isn’t designed to protect solar panels, and using incorrect mesh that is poorly installed can void the warranty on your panels. We use a specific, long-lasting mesh that keeps you compliant with your warranty and offers long term protection in the harsh elements.

We’re experienced and insured to work on all types of roofing

You avoid putting yourself at risk being high up on your roof, especially if it’s pitched, and potentially causing further damage to your solar panels.

Cost of solar panel proofing

Prices start at $200 but can vary greatly depending on the size of your home and the number of solar panels you have.

For reliable bird removal from your roof, Jim’s can help

It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’ve invested in new solar panels only to have a flock of pest birds decide to take shelter underneath, then causing damage to the panels and wiring.

You can avoid costly repairs and keep your electricity running smoothly by calling Jim’s pest control Toowoomba. Our experienced pest control technicians are fully equipped and trained to install exceptional quality solar panel proofing and take proactive steps to ensure that the birds don’t return.

If you’re not happy with the results, let us know straight away. You’re covered by Jim’s Service Guarantee, which means that we’ll fix the problem free of charge.


Call now and we’ll work with you on your Solar Panel Bird Proofing Problem – Guaranteed!