If you are in need of possum control services in Toowoomba, following are some reasons why hiring a licenced pest controller is crucial.

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Legal Implications With Possum Control

In most regions of Australia, including Toowoomba, possums are protected under the Wildlife Act. This means it’s illegal to harm or interfere with them without appropriate permissions. Licensed pest controllers are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that control is done legally and humanely.

Expertise and Knowledge

A licensed pest controller possesses the right skills and knowledge about possum behavior, habits, and habitats. This ensures that the control process is efficient and minimally disruptive to both the possums and homeowners.


Possums, when cornered or threatened, can become aggressive. A licensed pest controller is trained to handle such situations safely, reducing the risk of injury to both humans and animals.

Toowoomba Possum Control


Professional pest controllers use humane methods to trap and relocate possums. They ensure the animal is not harmed and is released into a suitable habitat where it can thrive.

Preventative Measures

Beyond just removing the possum, professionals provide advice and solutions to prevent future possum intrusions. This can include sealing potential entry points or making your property less attractive to possums.

Time and Money

Attempting to remove possums yourself can be time-consuming and may not be successful. Hiring professionals can save you time and potentially reduce costs in the long run, especially if damage or repeated infestations occur.

Cost of removing possums

Prices range from $100 for a simple removal to $300 for more complex work, which may involve multiple possums or possum proofing measures. Contact Jim’s Pest Control Toowoomba on 131 546 for a more detailed quote.


Licensed pest controllers have access to specialised equipment that ensures safe and efficient possum removal and relocation.

Can I remove a possum from my property myself?

While it's possible, it's not recommended due to the potential legal implications and risks involved. Hiring a licensed professional ensures a safe, humane, and legal control.

Are possums dangerous?

While possums are generally not aggressive towards humans, they can become defensive if cornered or threatened. It's always best to keep a safe distance and avoid confrontation.

Why are possums protected in Toowoomba?

Possums play a crucial role in the ecosystem, helping in pest control by eating insects and distributing seeds which aid in plant propagation. Protecting them ensures a balanced environment. In addition, it is illegal to kill a possum in most areas of Australia.

What should I do if I find a possum on my property?

If a possum is not causing any immediate issues, you can leave it alone as it may move on by itself. However, if it's causing problems or you suspect it's nesting, contact a licensed pest controller for advice and assistance.

How can I make my property less attractive to possums?

You can trim overhanging tree branches, secure garbage bins, remove sources of food, and seal entry points in roofs or under houses to deter possums.


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Possum Removal

Often mistaken for their distant American namesake, the opossum, Australian possums are a unique and essential component of the country’s ecology.

These marsupials are a testament to Australia’s diverse and distinct wildlife. This article delves into the world of Australian possums, shedding light on their habitat, behavior, and significance.

Introduction to Australian Possums

Australia is home to several possum species, with the most famous being the Common Brushtail and the Ringtail possums. Characterized by their furry tails, pointed faces, and large, expressive eyes, possums are primarily nocturnal creatures, coming to life under the cover of darkness.

Habitat and Distribution

Possums are versatile in terms of habitat. They can be found in various ecosystems across Australia, from the dense rainforests of Queensland to the urban landscapes of Sydney and Melbourne.

While they primarily nest in tree hollows, in urban areas, possums have adapted to live in roofs, chimneys, and other man-made structures. This adaptability sometimes brings them into conflict with humans, as they search for food and shelter.

Diet and Behavior

Being omnivorous, Australian possums enjoy a varied diet. In the wild, they munch on leaves, fruits, and small insects. In urban areas, they might venture into gardens, snacking on flowers and veggies, or scavenge for food scraps left by humans.

They communicate using a range of vocalizations, from hisses and growls to more intricate sounds that convey different emotions and messages. Possums are also known to display territorial behaviors, often marking their area with scents.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

As marsupials, possum joeys are born underdeveloped and spend the initial weeks of their life inside their mother’s pouch. As they grow, they transition to riding on their mother’s back before becoming independent.

The life expectancy of a possum varies based on species and environment. In the wild, they face threats from predators like owls, foxes, and cats. However, in urban settings, vehicles are a significant threat, often leading to roadkill incidents.

Significance in the Ecosystem

Possums play a vital role in Australia’s ecosystem. By feeding on a variety of plants, they aid in seed dispersal, ensuring the regeneration of forests and woodlands. Additionally, their predation on insects helps control potential pest populations.

Conservation and Coexistence

Certain possum species, such as the Leadbeater’s possum, are threatened and require conservation efforts. Habitat destruction, bushfires, and predation are some of the challenges they face.

For those living in urban areas, it’s essential to understand and coexist with these native creatures. Simple steps, like securing trash cans, can prevent unwanted possum visits, while installing possum boxes can provide alternative shelters, deterring them from nesting in homes.


Australian possums, with their curious eyes and nocturnal antics, are a vital part of the continent’s rich biodiversity. As Australia grows and urbanizes, understanding, respecting, and coexisting with these creatures will ensure they remain a cherished part of the landscape for generations to come.